Why Advertise?

The #1 Leader in the Industry

The Real Estate Book serves nearly 500 markets across North America double the size or our #2 competitor.

  • Our prospect-focused distribution goes into, but far beyond the grocery store, to deliver the most qualified leads at the most efficient cost. We have a proven understanding of how to reach home buyers in the Hampton Roads area.
  • Published by Network Communications, Inc., the largest and most diversified publisher of information for the real estate industry in North America, we print more than 13 million magazines per month.
  • 1.5 million unique visitors will search our websites RealEstateBook.com and LivingChoices.com, each month when looking for their next home. Our online partners provide 45 million unique users monthly to drive additional traffic and maximum exposure to advertisers.

We Know Today’s Home Shopper

Not surprisingly, consumers shop for everything on the internet including their next home.

  • Today’s information-seeking consumers spend more time researching the market on their own, online and with real estate magazines, which creates more opportunities for you to influence them with advertising than ever before. In fact, we recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers who were seeking to buy a home, and 41 percent of them said they turn to the internet as the first source of information in their search.
  • A key finding in our survey was that media sources are a vital component to the buying cycle on average a customer will spend nearly 4 months shopping for a home. So, it’s critical to keep your listings in front of them online and in print.
  • While 85 percent of shoppers in the market for an existing home rely on Realtors later in their search, they continue to look at real estate magazines and online information to stay informed.
  • When you choose to partner with us, you can take advantage of your years ofexperience and our cutting-edge consumer research to help you tailor your marketing efforts. Simply put, we know your customer like no other one else.

The Ultimate…

Real Estate Multi-Media Marketing Program that Sells Homes

  • When it comes to total impact through integrated media, no one can compare to the #1 leader in the industry. The Real Estate Book. Home sellers value The Real Estate Book because they know their advertised home is reaching an audience of interested and qualified home buyers. Over 40,000 advertisers display more than 750,000 homes, in nearly 500 editions and online, to more than 20 million readers each month.
  • Home shoppers utilize our digest-sized publication as a trusted companion in their search process. Each one of our books provides local consumers and relocating consumers with our website address to view additional information online.
  • Without question, The Real Estate Book provides advertisers with a complete marketing system of multi-media tools to effectively reach home buyers, at a critical time when they are ready to purchase
  • Our advertisers benefit from an instantly recognized media partner that delivers:
    1. Tremendous exposure through a variety of channels
    2. More qualified leads
    3. The most value of any source in the industry

We Deliver

  • More quality leads at the lowest cost per lead than any other advertising media.
    1. Prospect-focused distribution ensures that you get better quality leads

    2. We connect you to your customer through multiple channels, in print and online

    3. At The Real Estate Book, we know the home shopper better than anyone else.

  • Online and in print, The Real Estate Book is the largest and most popular real estateadvertising vehicle in North America. Serving more than 500 markets across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, when consumers shop for a home, they use The Real Estate Book in their search. In fact, for 30 years, The Real Estate Book has delivered more quality leads at the lowest cost per lead of any advertising media.